Reason Magazine accepts funds from White House

In an unprecedented turn of events, just as Rand Paul is selling out to Big Evangelical, Reason Magazine is finally showing its true colors.

It comes as no surprise to true libertarians like you and me. Or maybe just me (you can never know who to trust anymore). All I know is that I can’t trust Reason Magazine.

I first suspected something was up when contributing editor, Peter Bagge, answered to: “Who are you voting for in November?” with “If the polls in my home state are close: Obama.

It’s not just him, this entire twenty page article is filled to the brim with endorsements for Barack Obama. At least in the first dozen endorsements I don’t see a single mention of Gary Johnson, the only true libertarian candidate.

So it comes as no surprise to me that Reason Magazine is now officially taking bribes from the Obama Administration. Don’t believe me? Listen to the following I heard while interviewing a Mr. John Voluntaryist Galt at a local Ron Paul meetup:

“I was invited to a quiet, secret luncheon with some of the most leftist elements of the libertarian movement. I didn’t mind, because I’m all about free pot and fighting the system.

Anyway, Reason Magazine was hosting the event, and several of the editors were participating on a panel. When I asked Editor in Chief, Nick Gillespie, what he thought of the Non-Aggression Principle, he said he thought it was ‘childish’ and ‘foolish,’ and that libertarians need to get behind the global circumcision agenda.

Just when I was beginning to suspect Mr. Gillespie was a part of the New World Order, my suspicions were immediately confirmed by the special guest of honor, President Barack Hussein Obama.

President Obama then handed a giant novelty cardboard check to Mr. Gillespie, thanking him for his work. He said he appreciated Reason Magazine for ‘leading the disinfo movement’ and pacifying the masses. The check was redeemable for 1 million, count ’em, 1 MILLION Bitcoins, equivalent to $10 billion in Statist dollars.”

Mr. Voluntaryist Galt even managed to capture a picture of the event here:

You can't fool ME, Nick!

A wolf in a sheeple’s world

So what does Reason Magazine have to say about this? Besides pushing it all under the rug, they’ve sheepishly defended themselves by insisting Obama is the real choice for the majority of libertarians.

“Obama’s success among America’s millennial generation is not entirely due to its liberal constituency, but also its growing libertarian counterpart,” and “Nevertheless, even fiscally conservative millennials voted Democratic in 2012. ”

It’s obvious Reason Magazine is just a bunch of statists, and cannot be trusted. I trust you’ll come to the same conclusion.

Just kidding

Before I get sued for slander by Reason Magazine, the above is satire. I actually love Reason, and overall I think they do a great job.

This is just a demonstration of how terrible journalism can get when you decide that taking quotes out of context, interviewing random spectators at an event, presenting said spectator’s statements as fact, and ridiculous infighting over ‘true libertarianism,’ is fair game.

The fact that so many self-proclaimed libertarian news outlets engage in this sort of bad journalism is why we can’t have nice things. Raise the bar, friends.



P.S. here’s a piece by Mary Ann Johansen that actually gives a more balanced perspective on Rand Paul. Love it.

15 thoughts on “Reason Magazine accepts funds from White House

  1. Reason and Cato are of roughly the same stripe. Better than most, but they certainly have their despicable qualities from a NAP standpoint. Steve Horwitz comes to mind.

    • What!?! The FairTax is the only realistic tax plan in the running that makes paying taxes COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY! You don’t want to pay taxes to the Imperial Federal Government, then either don’t spend over the poverty level, buy exclusively used goods, or do the majority of your purchases outside of U.S. territories.

      I know we all want to shrink the size of the government back within Constitutional bounds and the FairTax does nothing to trim the current budget, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. Any tax system that is, at least ostensibly, voluntary is far better than what we have now. Add to that the tax on black market earnings, tourist spending, keeping 100% of income, eliminating the freakin’ IRS. There is little for a Libertarian not to love.

  2. You did a astonishingly great disservice to the cause of Liberty in the spirit of making a stupid joke. Keep in mind that most people don’t read to the bottom of the article to see your punchline. Terrible photo and not funny.

  3. I, too, love Reason, and think they do great work. Speaking of great work, you had me for a bit. I would’ve done my own research after the article (skeptical of everything!), but I thought for a bit that you were straight-faced. 🙂

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