Get Stabbed or Get Out

Like it or not, I say you should be stabbed or exiled, and I think the Non-Aggression Principle justifies me here.

Personally, I would go with the stab. It’s really more of a prick than it is a stab, and you’ll even get a lollipop afterward…but I can’t guarantee it won’t be made out of high fructose aggression.

sucker aggression

Get your vaccinations, pretty please, or get away from me.

You might be wishing I’d just go and play in traffic already. After all, what right do I have to stick my nose in your business? Steve, stop acting like my dad, maaan!

But your actions affect more than just you here. When someone refuses the measles vaccine they’re not just putting themselves in danger, they’re putting everyone else at risk too…and not just the other people who forgo vaccinations due to choice, poverty, or an allergy. No, you’re putting everyone at risk…vaccinated or not.

srs business

Vaccines aren’t magic: they have a failure rate just like any other medicine. As it turns out, due to a number of health factors, some of the people getting vaccinated won’t develop a sufficient immune response. So even if you’re vaccinated against a particular disease, you could still get it. You’re just far less likely to.

Vaccinations are a numbers game. Thanks to something called Herd Immunity, they don’t have to work 100% of the time to prevent an epidemic and keep people healthy. Once you have the vast majority of the population vaccinated it won’t matter much if a few people get the disease. The disease won’t get far. Epidemic averted.

The problem is that thanks to scares over autism, based on a chemical that hasn’t been added to vaccines for a decade or so, a sizable minority of people aren’t vaccinating their kids. It’s especially common here in the Evergreen State. Vashon Island is famous for record numbers of people going without vaccinations. I mean, it’s harmless and all though, right? After all, they’re a small population, and it’s not like the diseases we get vaccinated against are even a threat anymore.

Just kidding. There’s been an epidemic of whooping cough sweeping through Washington State over the past year. To quote: “Whooping cough, or pertussis, a highly infectious respiratory disease once considered doomed by science, has struck Washington State this spring with a severity that health officials say could surpass the toll of any year since the 1940s, before a vaccine went into wide use.”

Well damn. I guess this is a good time to mention that whooping cough is the one vaccine I can’t receive, because I had a severe allergic reaction to it.

So rather than be at the mercy of some coddled organic child’s deadly cough, I’d rather you shoot up or get the hell out. It’s a simple case of self-defense here.

Either that or we’re forcibly quarantining you, Typhoid Mary. I’d apologize but I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to do that here.

Author’s Note

Oh, and I realize I didn’t make this clear before. I wouldn’t apply this logic to many vaccines. Vaccines which are untested or ineffective (see: flu vaccines) should not be mandatory, in my opinion. The same would go for vaccines preventing illnesses that are either not deadly, or cannot be spread by proximity alone (like sexually transmitted illnesess). It’s simply not worth forcing people to vaccinate over a disease that won’t kill anyone, or one that you can easily prevent with simple protection or abstinence.

3 thoughts on “Get Stabbed or Get Out

  1. you’ve done your research and decided that vaccines are a worthwhile preventative measure. but for people that have done the research and reached the opposite conclusion, you think they should be forced to take them anyway. why does your opinion hold more weight than theirs? if their research concluded that you should never take another vaccine, because it might make you a carrier of a disease and therefore a threat to the herd, does that mean that you should be forced to stop taking vaccines, even though you’ve concluded that they are good for you?

    thimerosal, and therefore mercury, is still present in some vaccines, such as the multi-dose presentation of Fluzone.

    • Maybe because my research is based on actual research.

      NaturalNews articles cherrypicking debunked or retracted studies don’t really compare to mountains of evidence collected over decades by institutions around the world. There’s a reason even RawPaw supports vaccination.

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